Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are an extremely versatile and very comfortable way of carrying a baby or young child. They're colourful and stylish, you can choose something subtle or something bright. A woven wrap is a length of fabric, specially produced for babywearing. They have a small amount of diagonal stretch, but are a lot less stretchy than a stretchy wrap. Woven wraps are safety tested, and sturdy for newborn babies or older babies and toddlers.

You can carry your little one in a woven wrap in all sorts of ways - on your front, on your hip, or on your back. They come in a range of lengths, with different lengths being suitable for different types of carries. Koala Slings can help you to choose the right size for your needs - it'll depend on what carries you want to do; how experienced you are with woven wraps; and your build and height. Many people beginning to use woven wraps start with a longer size, like a size 5, size 6 or a size 7 (4.2m, 4.6m, or 5.2m). We specialise in helping families with twins to carry their babies, and we're happy to suggest a woven wrap that'll enable you to carry your twins.

Our selection of woven wraps includes Lenny Lamb, Little Frog, Hoppediz, and Yaro Slings. We have a range of gorgeous designs and vibrant colours, to suit different tastes and budgets. All our woven wraps are made in the EU.