One-to-one fees

One-to-one baby carrying session, 1 hour

This appointment is designed for you if you already use a sling, and you're wanting to learn a new skill or try a different type of carrier. You might be wanting to learn to do back carries with your current buckled carrier, or you may want to move onto something different from having used a stretchy wrap. This shorter consultation is also suitable if you're new to carrying your baby, but you have an idea of what will be most suitable for you. It is also suitable for learning the basics of using a stretchy wrap. Please note that learning to back carry with a woven wrap will require a 1.5 hour consultation appointment.



One-to-one short baby carrying session, 30 minutes

I've designed the 30 minute session for parents who are familiar with carrying their baby, but want to try some different buckle carriers. 30 minutes is also suitable for learning to back carry in a buckled carrier, if you're confident carrying your baby in  a front carry in a buckled carrier.



One-to-one longer baby carrying consultation, 1.5 hours

Your one-to-one carrying session is all about you and your baby, and your family's needs. You might want a complete introduction to slings, to learn about safety and positioning, and the chance to try some on (with a demonstration doll and later with your own baby if you'd like to). You might want to learn how to do secure back carries with a woven wrap, or a detailed appointment learning to use a stretchy wrap in different ways. We'll talk about what you want to learn beforehand and at the start of the session, so that I can help you as much as possible in the time available.


All consultations will include:

  • An explanation and demonstration of slings and baby carriers, together with their benefits and potential disadvantages

  • Information on the most up-to-date safety recommendations, and information on optimum positioning for you and your child

  • Answers to any questions you have about carrying your baby

  • Time for you to try the slings and baby carriers you are interested in, with help on how to get the best use from each carrier.  If you already have carriers you’d like help with, you are welcome to bring those with you.

At the end of your consultation, you may wish to hire a sling from the Kendal and Lake District Sling Library to take home. If you're pregnant, you can hire either before your baby is here (to practice further), or wait until your baby has arrived before hiring a sling.


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