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Hi! I'm Carissa and I own Koala Slings Limited. I opened Koala Slings in 2014, to share my love for carrying my children with other families. I want to help you find a great solution for introducing your little person (or little people!) to the world. I'm a Slingababy trained carrying consultant, so you can trust that you're receiving safe advice. I look for ways to empower you as a carer, rather than putting up obstacles to carrying.

As well as having helped over one thousand families in-person to carry their babies, I specialise in tandem baby carrying. As a twin parent myself, I know how empowering it is to have your hands free to get stuff done! I love helping twin families to carry their children. Helping twin parents to find a safe and comfortable twin baby carrier has led Koala Slings to become the authorised distributor for the TwinGo Carrier in the UK and Ireland since early 2015. We work closely with TwinGo in the United States, to make sure we're up-to-date with latest TwinGo releases and news.

You'll find us in Kendal, in the beautiful Lake District, England. We work hard to bring you a superb selection of high quality baby and toddler carriers, all made by reputable manufacturers.

In 2018, I launched my own baby sling brand KahuBaby.

We know how important it is for you to trust that carrying your child is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. We're active parents, and living in the Lake District with two tiny adventurers, we soon found that we really did need a baby carrier that was comfortable for us and for our babies. We began to search for super comfortable, well designed and high quality baby carriers. We've tried and tested all the baby carriers that we stock, and I've fitted them to hundreds of families just like yours. 

Carrying your baby (or babies!) in a sling is more than just a help with practicalities like getting into the outdoors or doing the housework. It's a lovely way to soothe upset babies, whether they're tired, teething or needing cuddles. It's also a wonderful way to bond with your littles ones and help you feel confident as a parent. Having twins, babywearing has been empowering for me as a mother, enabling me to give my babies the closeness they need while still getting out and about doing a lot of the things I love to do.

As well as selling all sorts of lovely slings, baby carriers, and accessories, I run the Lake District Sling Library. We do in-person and postal hires, so please contact us if you want to try anything out! If you've come to the Lake District on holiday, and need a carrier for exploring our wonderful area, please contact me to arrange that too.


Our Products

We purchase all of our slings and carriers from established, reputable manufacturers. We take pride in offering you high quality baby carriers, and we choose a range of colours and fabrics so that we'll have something in stock that you'll love! Most of the companies who supply us are family-owned businesses, based in the UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, India and the United States. 

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