Twin Baby Carriers

Tandem carrying - you have options!

As the owner of Koala Slings, and a twin mum myself, I know how life-changing it is to feel confident that you can carry both your babies! We specialise in tandem baby carrying, from newborn multiples through to toddlers.

The TwinGo Carrier is now available in the UK!
We're excited that you can now buy the TwinGo Carrier in the UK! The TwinGo Carrier is the first ergonomic twin baby carrier designed to carry one or two children of equal or varied sizes (patent pending). It works great for twins or for children of different ages.

When will my baby be ready to use the TwinGo Carrier?
The front carry is ideal for babies and toddlers who are between 10-40 lbs.
The back carry is ideal for babies and toddlers older than 4 months, who have strong and consistent head/neck control, up to 40 lbs.
Always carry your larger child on the back, if there is a weight difference of 3 pounds or more.

Both carriers have a maximum weight limit of 40lb, or a combined weight limit of 70lb when used as a tandem carrier.

Use as one tandem carrier, or two separate carriers
The TwinGo is so versatile, it can be worn as a dual carrier or divided into two separate carriers. So one parent can carry both babies at the same time, or two caregivers can carry a baby each!