TwinGo Carrier teething pads - TwinGo Carrier suck pads

TwinGo Carrier

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TwinGo Carrier teething pads, or suck pads, are just the thing for protecting the straps of your TwinGo Carrier from two babies chewing and sucking on them. TwinGo teething pads prolong the life of your TwinGo Carrier. You can just pop them in the wash them, rather than needing to wash your whole carrier.

TwinGo Carrier teething/suck pads provide a clean surface for your teething baby. They're made with baby friendly fabrics and dyes, the same fabrics used on the inside of the TwinGo Carrier itself. Our colourful TwinGo Carrier teething pads also add a splash of colour to your TwinGo Carrier.

How do I use them?

  • How to use: The TwinGo Carrier teething pads attach around the shoulder straps of the TwinGo Carrier. The teething pads are designed to fit both the Attachment and Base Carriers, in single-child and in tandem carrying positions.
  • Product Care: You can machine wash your TwinGo teething pads, and then just line dry them.
  • Dimensions: 6" (16.5cm) long and 4" (10.1cm) wide
  • Fabric: The TwinGo Carrier teething pads are made with two outside layers of 100% cotton fabric. There is an inside layer in the TwinGo teething pads, which is padded for extra absorbency.

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