My glasses have fogged up! Face masks without the fog.

How do I wear a face mask without my glasses fogging up?

Wearing a face mask in public is now commonplace throughout the UK, Europe and many other countries. There's growing evidence that face coverings help to reduce transmission of Covid-19. For people who wear glasses, face masks have presented a new challenge! How can you wear a mask without your glasses fogging up? We asked our followers on Facebook for their top tips on avoiding the fog while wearing a face covering.

Why do my glasses fog while wearing a face mask?

When you're wearing a face mask to protect others in your community from coronavirus, your breath is mainly escaping from the top of your mask. Your warm breath then comes into contact with the cooler surface of the lenses in your glasses. And before you know it - fog and clouded vision.

How to beat the mist:

  1. Check that your mask fits snugly. Gaps around the sides and top of your mask mean that more of your breath escapes to condense on your glasses.
  2. Get a really good fit around your nose. Our Noordi face masks have a built-in flexible nose bridge. It allows you to mould your mask around and over your nose to minimise gaps. Having a good fit around your nose also enables you to see your baby, if you're carrying her in a baby carrier.
  3. Use the ear loops to tighten your mask if it's too loose. You can twist the ear loops into an "X" to improve the fit of your mask. If you're wearing our KahuBaby face masks, you can tie a small loop into the elastic to improve the fit around the back of your head.
  4. Anti-fogging sprays. Some people swear by anti-fogging sprays. You spray these onto your lenses, then gently wipe away any residue, before putting your glasses on.
  5. Adjust your glasses downwards on your nose. This sounds like it might make the fogging problem worse, but it allows more air to circulate between your eyes and your lenses and can reduce fogging.
  6. Wash the lenses with soapy water. Sounds too simple to work, right? But cleaning your lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film that reduces the surface tension of the water. It helps the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

We hope our top tips help you stay safe in your face mask without the annoyance of misted glasses!