One to one sessions and workshops

In many cultures, carrying babies and small children (sometimes called babywearing) is a skill that's passed down families from mother to child. Older children see their parents and other family members carrying their babies, and learn the skill from them when they become parents themselves. Using a baby sling or carrier to carry your child has so many benefits, and is a fantastic parenting tool as well as being a practical way to get out and about or to get things done around the house! In much of Europe, carrying your child is less well-known and it can be difficult to navigate through the hundreds of youtube videos, Facebook forums, and online advice.

I have trained as a Slingababy consultant, and also have significant experience of carrying my own children in various carriers and wraps (one at a time, and both together). As a consultant, I want to help you to get the best from your current carriers, or to help you find the one that will best suit you and your family. This could be teaching you to use a stretchy wrap with your newborn baby, helping you to back carry an older baby or toddler in a buckled carrier, teaching you to use a woven wrap for either front or back carries, teaching you to use a ring sling, or helping you to tandem carry twins! You may also find a one-to-one consultation helpful if you or your baby have any medical or other considerations.

When you book a one-to-one session with me, I'll ask you about yourself, your baby, your carrying experience, and what you're hoping to learn from me. I'll tailor your session to the needs of you and your family.

I offer different packages for carrying consultations, and you can find them here.

At the end of your consultation, you may wish to hire a carrier from the Kendal and Lake District Sling Library, or you might decide to purchase your own sling. I'll follow up our appointment by emailing you a link to relevant and safe YouTube tutorials, if you would find that helpful.