How does a sling library work?

Baby carriers are like shoes - something that amazingly comfortable for one person and their child, will be uncomfortable and less suitable for another family.

A sling library is a fantastic way to try out all sorts of baby carriers without spending much money. It means you can take a baby carrier home, use it for a couple of weeks, then return it. If you and your child are comfortable, you may wish to then purchase one of the same brand or style that you've hired. Or you can borrow another sling from the sling library to try something different!

Parents borrow slings from a sling library for all sorts of reasons:

  • A special occasion
  • Trying a baby carrier out for the first time
  • Trying different carriers to find one that suits best
  • A sling to take on holiday
  • Hiring something different from your usual carrier

I'm always adding new slings, both baby carriers and toddler carriers, to the Kendal and Lake District Sling Library.

Hires are £6 per fortnight for most slings (£8 for the TwinGo Carrier).

You also pay a fully refundable deposit (which varies depending on which sling you choose to hire).

Please read the full terms and conditions

Have a look through the Kendal and Lake District Sling Library collection

All hire fees go back to the library, for maintaining our existing slings, or to add more slings. Your hire fee is helping more families learn about carrying their children!