Koala Slings Hire - Terms and Conditions

 Koala Slings – Hire terms and conditions

Thank you for hiring a carrier from the Koala Slings! We hope you and your child enjoy using it. These are your hire terms and conditions, which you agree to when you hire a carrier from us.

Hire Form
When you hire a carrier from Koala Slings, you will need to register on our hire system. We will take your contact details and keep them on file to track all baby carrier hires.

We will only keep your personal details in accordance with GDPR, and we will only use them to contact you in relation to your carrier hire.

Your online hire booking, or your in-person hire from Koala Slings is your acceptance that you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Your agreement to the Terms and Conditions includes that you have checked the carrier that you have hired, and that there are no defects or damages. We send you an online link to these Terms and Conditions.

Rental Cost and Rental Duration
Sling and carrier loans are subject to availability and suitability. You may borrow up to 3 carriers at any one time.

For in-person hires, you agree to pay a hire charge per carrier or sling. Our current charges are:

Buckle carriers, woven wraps and ring slings
£10 for a two week hire

£15 per four weeks per sling/carrier

Stretchy wraps
£8 for four week hire

For postal hires, you agree to pay the hire charges listed on

The minimum hire period is two weeks. Hire fees are non-refundable. Support via phone, email and social media, and support at sling meets, is part of your hire fee.

Security and deposit
We take your card details or a deposit as security for the carrier hire. We will only use your card if your hire carrier is returned damaged, if you fail to return the carrier, or for late return fees.

You will be liable for the replacement cost of any lost carriers or accessories. We will deduct the relevant sum from your debit or credit card. In cases of damage, you will be liable for the replacement cost of the damaged carrier. We will judge charges for items that are damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) on a case by case basis, and you will be liable for those charges.

For postal hires, please pay your deposit to the link provided to you by email. We will return your deposit following the return of the carrier on time, undamaged, and with all instructions and additional accessories intact.

You will pay the replacement cost of any lost carriers or accessories. We will deduct the relevant sum from your debit or credit card. In cases of damage, you will pay the replacement cost of the damaged carrier. We will judge charges for items that are damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) on a case by case basis, and you will pay those charges.

Extending your loan
You must advise us by email or online message 12 hours before the return date if you want to extend your loan period.


Returning slings and carriers
Please return your carrier on its due date. Late return of slings will result in a late charge of £1 per day, this will come into effect 3 days after your carrier is due back. We will deduct this late fee from your card.

ONLY return your hire carrier to a Koala Slings sling hire session and to either Carissa or one of the Koala Slings team, or by prior agreement to Koala Slings hq. For postal returns, please post only to the address provided. DO NOT return carriers to the sling meet venue or to any other address.


Return postal hire carriers with a tracked or signed delivery service.

Please contact us in writing before the end of the hire period if you will be late returning your hire sling, so that we can arrange a hire extension. We may reduce fees for late returns, in exceptional circumstances, at our discretion. If we do not hear from you within 30 days of the end of your hire period, we will consider that this means that you wish to keep the carrier and we shall charge you for a replacement carrier.


We will refer cases to the small claims court if you fail to return your hired carrier despite several reminders (we will always do our best to contact you). The small claims court action will aim to recoup the full replacement cost of the carrier, as well as any outstanding hire fees.

Condition of the Sling/Carrier
We check all slings and carriers before we lend them out, to ensure that they are in good condition. As the hirer you should also check the condition of the carrier prior to the start of the loan.

If you receive a library sling by post, if there are any breaks or flaws that prevent its use, you should report these immediately to Koala Slings in writing, and within 24 hours of receiving the carrier. In such cases we will refund the hire fee in full on return of the carrier. We are unable to refund the postage fees.

Damaged or Lost Carriers
If a sling becomes damaged while you are hiring it, please contact us immediately and do not use the sling any further. You will pay the full replacement cost of any lost or damaged carriers, accessories or instructions.

Safe Use of Carriers
We provide manufacturers instructions for safe use of all carriers, usually by email as an online link. If they are not supplied, it is your responsibility as the borrower to ask for a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions.

All our slings are safe when used properly. Misuse may cause injury to yourself or child. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using the carrier correctly and that your baby is safe at all times. Koala Slings is not responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the carrier is in your care.

We suggest that after familiarising yourself with the relevant instructions, that you practice using the carrier with a doll, teddy or cushion so that you get used to tying, fastening and adjusting the carrier. Always ensure that you seat your child correctly in the carrier and check any knots regularly.

If you feel any pain while carrying your child, change the carrying position or remove the carrier. If you are unsure about anything you read in the instructions, please ask us.

Looking after your sling
Please look after your sling carefully.

Please do not smoke while wearing or holding the carrier. Please do not use the sling in smoky environments, including your home if anyone living there smokes inside the home.

Please keep the sling away from pets, as the next family to use it may have an allergy.

Food and posset marks are normal when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may cause more permanent stains (oil, paint, pens, hair or make up products, nail varnish etc), or anything that might damage it (e.g. scissors, velcro, keys in your bag, fire). You will pay the full replacement cost for any sling that has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Your carrier may come with suck pads (to protect the straps from damage from children chewing on the straps) and/or a chest strap. Please do not lose the suck pads or the chest strap.

Do not wash the sling. Spot cleaning is the safest if you have any accidents. You can wash the suck pads. If do you need to clean your carrier, please contact Koala Slings first. Many slings have particular advice to ensure they do not lose their shape and structure.

If you DO clean your carrier (after taking advice from Koala Slings), please:
*Use non-biological liquid (such as Ecover, to avoid exacerbating allergies in the next user),
*NO optical brighteners (they can damage fabric)
*NO fabric conditioner (they make the fabric fibres and buckles slippy).
*NO tumble drying.
*For buckled carriers, please close all buckles and washing the carrier inside a pillowcase.