Yaro Woven Wraps - linen

Yaro Slings

  • £51.95

Simple yet striking patterns, vibrant colours, and at an affordable price! Yaro Slings woven wraps are fairly new to the market, but already have lots of great reviews. Yaro Slings are based in the Netherlands, and all their slings are made in the EU.

Yaro's linen blend woven wraps are a jacquard weave, with 60% cotton and 40% linen.

The linen blend wraps are a medium weight wrap, with a weave density of 230g/m2.

The linen adds extra strength to the wrap, making it particularly suitable for toddlers while not adding weight or bulk to the fabric. Linen can be lovely and cool in summer, too. After a few washes and uses, Yaro linen wraps are still soft enough to use with young babies. As with any woven wrap, washing and use will soften your new Yaro wrap even more.

Linen thread through the weave almost add a shimmer to these beautiful baby slings.

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