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I am so proud to bring the wonderful Aroha Textiles woven wraps to all our customers. Aroha Textiles is a work-at-home-mum business in Aoteoroa (New Zealand). Like us, Aroha Textiles wants to bring the beauty and comfort of woven wraps to families around the world.

Woven wraps are both comfortable and convenient for carrying your baby in. They're amazing for getting out and about, and equally helpful for getting things done around the house! Your woven wrap can last you from your newborn baby's first days, though to the running, bouncing energy of a toddler.

Our first Aroha Textiles design is Ngaru Nui. This design is a collaboration with Hirini 'Heeds' Katene, from House of Natives. I am honoured to have this available for Koala Slings customers in the UK and Europe.

Ngaru Nui represents a grand journey.

Ngaru has been named to acknowledge the landing in Aotearoa of our people from the North, who came in on the backs of three great waves. Ngaru Nui was the first, the 'big wave'.

Ngaru is based on an original kowhaiwhai design. The kowhaiwhai are the designs that you see in whare nui (meeting houses) on marae throughout Aoteoroa.

The wave-like line you find in Ngaru is the manawa line. It represents the heartbeat, the energy of life, and is just like the umbilical cord connecting mother and child. Along this wave, you can see the triangular forms (tapatoru). The tapatoru represent a strong growth of baby's tinana (body).

The mangopare (hammerhead shark) here represent grace, courage and resilience. Mangopare do not tire easily, and they're strong and swift. They also show patience and stillness. We all come across waves in our parenting voyage where these qualities are both necessary and valuable.

The most important journeys in life require vision, knowledge, and great energy. For many of us, parenting is the grandest tour of all. It takes a lot of courage and requires a lot of heart. Holding your most beloved ones close to you can make any oncoming wave appear smaller and more friendly.

Aroha Textiles have used 100% fine cotton, on an Egyptian cotton warp, to produce the beautiful Ngaru Nui woven wraps. Ngaru Nui woven wraps are approximately 250gsm loomstate.

For wrapping your baby with, Ngaru Nui feels smooth, sleek, and smoothy. This woven wrap feels thin in hand, but has been densely woven for that wonderful cush on your shoulders. Lots of support, along with softness, stretch, and a lovely drape. Ngaru Nui woven wraps are well-suited for all levels of experience, and are wonderful for carrying little babies up to toddlers and bigger kids.

Ngaru Nui, made by Aroha Textiles, a New Zealand woven wrap company.

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