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Yaro Slings

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Simple yet striking patterns, vibrant colours, and at an affordable price! Yaro Slings woven wraps are fairly new to the market, but already have lots of great reviews. Yaro Slings are based in the Netherlands, and all their slings are made in the EU.

Yaro hemp woven wraps are a jacquard weave, made with a cotton and hemp blend. Yaro hemp woven wraps are 60% cotton and 40% hemp.

Hemp fibre is made from the hemp plant. It's a sustainable resource, and the fibres are strong and withstand heat well. Hemp adds strength to a woven wrap, and will feel blankety soft after being broken in. Hemp wraps require some breaking in, but this isn't difficult to do. Normal use of your wrap, braiding it, sleeping on it, using your wrap as a sofa throw and washing your baby wrap will all help to break it in. Hemp wraps are particularly suited to carrying toddlers - their strength and cushiness will make your toddler feel weightless when carrying them.

Yaro hemp blend wraps are a medium weight wrap, with a weave density of 230g/m2.

Hemp wraps are sturdy and stand up well to the rigours of day-to-day life with babies and toddlers. Hemp likes a 40 degree wash, and you can iron hemp on a medium setting.

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