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TwinGo Carrier

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The TwinGo Air Carrier is available in three colours (Classic Black, Cool Grey, and Modern Teal)

The TwinGo Air is a fantastic baby carrier for parents of twins or two children close in age. Slightly lighter than the TwinGo Original Model, the TwinGo Air is made of breathable mesh and lightweight fabrics to ensure that you and babies stay cool while babywearing. The TwinGo Air model has a mesh panel as the main panel for both the base and attachment carriers. The TwinGo Air also has a removable zippered panel, made from 100% cotton. You can simply attach this over the mesh panel during cooler weather, making the TwinGo Air the perfect “all seasons” carrier!

Like all TwinGo carriers, The TwinGo Air also splits into two single baby carriers so both parents can each carry one child! Plus, our ergonomic inward-facing position is healthy for your baby's hip development and enables you to comfortably carry the added weight of two. The hardest part will be deciding which colour to choose: Classic Black, Cool Grey, or new Modern Teal.

The TwinGo Air has a small pocket on the waistband of each of the base carrier and attachment carrier. If you're looking for more storage space, check out the TwinGo Original Carrier.


When you buy this TwinGo bundle, you'll receive:

* One TwinGo Air Carrier (one Base Carrier and one Attachment Carrier)
* Two removable TwinGo Carrier sleep hoods, to perfectly match your base and attachment carriers
* One removable set of Attachment shoulder straps, to use when you split the TwinGo Carrier into two single carriers

Why do you need this TwinGo bundle?

Economical: This affordable system is less expensive and more functional than purchasing two separate carriers.

Versatile: One parent can use your TwinGo Carrier as a tandem twin carrier. Or both parents or carers can use the TwinGo as two single carriers. Your TwinGo Air Carrier works well for carrying twins and for children of different sizes!

Comfortable: The TwinGo Air's breathable and lightweight mesh keeps you cool while you carry your children. the TwinGo Air is an ergonomic design, and its 100% cotton exterior provides comfort for both you and your babies.

Adjustable: The TwinGo waist and shoulder straps enable for a custom fit for adults from 4'11" to 6'5." This awesome twin baby carrier is suitable to carry children between 10lbs-45lbs, and as small as 7lbs with the TwinGo Infant Insert.

Convenient: The TwinGo Air model has a small pocket on the waistband of both the Attachment and Base Carrier. Perfect for your mobile phone, keys and a small purse!

The TwinGo Air is available in three colours!

  • Modern Teal: The outside is deep teal. It's coordinated with an aqua blue interior on the Base Carrier and a matte silver interior on the Attachment Carrier. Perfect for men and women, the trendy and sophisticated Teal TwinGo Carrier will look great on everyone.
  • Cool Grey: The outside of the TwinGo Carrier is a Cool Grey, with a mint green Base Carrier and sunshine yellow Attachment Carrier.
  • Classic Black: Our classic colours are always popular. The outside of the carrier is black, with a sky blue inner on the Base Carrier and burnt orange inner on the Attachment Carrier. Your classic black TwinGo Carrier goes with everything!

To protect the straps of your TwinGo Air Carrier from your babies chewing or sucking on them, why not add Teething Pads ? Just pop the teething pads in the wash, instead of your whole carrier, and prolong the life of your twin baby carrier.


We're very proud that the TwinGo Air Carrier has been awarded Best Twin Baby Carrier in the MumsNet reviews for 2019! See what the MumsNet reviewers said.


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Brian Caffrey
Great sling

Really pleased with the sling, the service, and the thoughtful support of Koala Slings answering my many, many questions

Thank you for your review! As a small business I really appreciate it.