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As a twin mum, I absolutely love the TwinGo Carrier, and so do our customers! The TwinGo Carrier is the very first twin baby carrier of its kind! Designed to carry one or two children of equal or varied sizes (patent pending), this is perfect for families with twins or multiples and for families with children close in age.

You can wear your TwinGo Carrier as either a twin baby carrier, or you can use it as a single-child carrier. It easily splits into two independent baby carriers. You can use each separate baby carrier for both front carrying or back carrying. The TwinGo Carrier's ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, while supporting your young child's developing spine and hips. 

The TwinGo Carrier's unique strap system is fully adjustable for both men and women. It's suitable for carrying children between 10-45lbs. Plus, you can add the TwinGo Carrier Infant Insert to enable you to carry babies as small as 7lb in the front carry position.

The TwinGo Baby Carrier is also collapsible. Just neatly fold the TwinGo Carrier into itself to protect the buckles from mishap and tidy it away. This makes the TwinGo very convenient for travel, and is more economical than purchasing two separate carriers. We think the TwinGo Carrier is a must-have for anyone who needs to get stuff done while looking after their babies, and for every active family!

TwinGo Carrier teething pads
You can protect the shoulder straps on your new TwinGo Carrier from teething and chewing babies, with our TwinGo Carrier teething pads or patterned teething pads. You can easily wash the teething pads, prolonging the life of your TwinGo Carrier as you don't need to wash the whole TwinGo each time your babies have sucked on the shoulder straps.

TwinGo twin baby carrier

1. Perfect Fit Adjusters are an exciting addition! The PFAs enable you to adjust the shoulder straps and panel to achieve a truly customized fit. This is particularly useful for adults carrying small babies and/or petite parents. It also allows any size parent to carry their child a little higher on their back so they can see their baby.

2. The waistbelt size extends to 55”.

3. The TwinGo Carrier is tested to hold up to 45lbs in single-child mode.

4. Soft, baby-friendly fabric is a feature of the TwinGo Carrier.

5. You can hip carry with the Attachment Carrier (lemon inner) on your new TwinGo Carrier. You have the assurance that this carrying position has been safety tested too.

When will my baby be ready to use the TwinGo Carrier?
The front carry is ideal for babies and toddlers who are between 10-45 lbs, or from 7lb with the newborn inserts.
The back carry is ideal for babies and toddlers older than 4 months, who have strong and consistent head/neck control, up to 45 lbs.
Always carry your larger child on the back, if there is a weight difference of 3 pounds or more.

What's the weight limit?
Each carrier has a maximum weight limit of 45lb, or a combined weight limit of 70lb when used as a tandem carrier.

The TwinGo is so versatile, you can wear it as a dual carrier or divide it into two separate carriers. So one parent can carry both babies at the same time, or two caregivers can carry a baby each!

The carrier is made of two main parts:
* Attachment Carrier
* Base Carrier

The TwinGo Carrier has three carry options:
  • Front Carry with one baby in each carrier
  • Back Carry with one baby in each carrier
  • Dual Carry with two babies
Other great features:
  • Both front and back carriers have a pocket, large enough to store keys, cards, some cash, a nappy and a few wipes. This really is hands-free!
  • Both carriers on the TwinGo fold into their own pocket, for neat and convenient storage. No more buckles getting caught in the car door!
  • Detachable sleep hood on front and back carrier
  • Made from machine washable, high quality 100% cotton

The important stuff
TwinGo LLC is a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. The TwinGo Carrier was tested to the following safety standards: EN13209-2:2005, ASTM F2236-14, and CPSIA. The carrier was tested as two separate single carriers that could be worn on the front or back, and as a tandem carrier (carrier assembled in the Dual Carry Position and tested using maximum weights in both carriers). A total of five separate ASTM 2236 tests were conducted and a total of five separate EN13209-2 tests were conducted.


We're very proud that the TwinGo Carrier has been awarded Best Twin Baby Carrier in the MumsNet reviews for 2019! See what the MumsNet reviewers said.


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