Minimonkey Twin Carrier - NEW Mesh - hire


  • £13.90

Sling hire from Koala Slings! This Minimonkey Twin Carrier (the new mesh version) is a hire carrier. After you've placed your order, we'll send you an email to arrange payment of the refundable deposit. The deposit is £50 for the Minimonkey Twin Carrier.

After hiring your carrier from Koala Slings, we'll send you a discount code that you can use in the Koala Slings shop if you decide to buy your own Minimonkey Twin Carrier.

As a family with twins ourselves, we know how very helpful it is to be able to carry both babies at the same time. The Minimonkey Twin Carrier enables you to do just that - carry two babies safely, comfortably and easily.

The Minimonkey Twin Carrier is now produced in an airy mesh fabric. The design has also been updated, to enable you to get a closer and more comfortable fit with your babies. This mesh Minimonkey Twin Carrier has a better fit than the older cotton version, which gives your babies (also the very tiny ones) more support and there is more room for babies' legs. We've found the straps easier to adjust once your babies are positioned in the carrier too.

Your Minimonkey Twin Carrier is suitable from when your babies are newborn, and is safety tested up to 12 kilograms (26 lb) per baby. Once you start running out of space to get things done in the Minimonkey Twin, we suggest moving onto the awesome TwinGo Carrier!

The Minimonkey Twin Carrier provides an ergonomic position for both babies to be carried in. It offers a similar position to carrying your babies in a woven wrap, but many families find the Minimonkey Twin easier to learn to use than tying a wrap.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has certified the Minimonkey Twin Carrier as a "hip healthy option".

The Minimonkey Twin Carrier has a waistband, and two shoulder straps that cross over your back. This spreads the weight of your babies across more of your upper body, providing comfort for you while carrying them. You can spread the shoulder straps or have them folded - try both ways to see which is more comfortable for you!

The soft mesh fabric fully supports your babies in an upright position. This is great for helping their digestive systems, and can be really helpful for babies with wind or reflux. Being close to you, feeling your warmth, hearing your heartbeat, and your familiar smell is very soothing for babies too.

The waistband keeps your babies safely in the MiniMonkey Twin Carrier. Our trials showed that the Minimonkey Twin Carrier is simple to use, as long as you carefully follow the helpful instructions. It has two pouches, one for each baby, and you adjust the size with a small buckle so that your babies are held snugly and safely. One person on their own can put the Minimonkey Twin Carrier on, and both babies in, ready to go!

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