Is it too hot to carry my baby this summer?

Posted by Carissa Lough on

The temperature's finally rising! (After a very looooong winter and a wet, cold and windy spring here in the Lake District). I've been asked a few times over the last week - "Can I still carry my baby when it's hot?" The answer is yes! You can still carry your baby in hot weather. He or she won't overheat if you follow a few guidelines - our bodies are amazing and are very good at thermoregulation.

Some top tips:
* try placing a damp muslin between you and baby
* remember a hat on your child's head for shade, and sunscreen on exposed skin
* try wearing fewer layers yourself. Your baby may be fine in just a nappy, or a nappy + single layer like a thin vest or lightweight t-shirt
* make sure you both drink enough fluids - breastfed babies will feed more frequently (breast milk is for hydration as well as food); you can give bottle fed babies cooled, boiled water regularly throughout the day.
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