Yaro woven wraps - a short review

Posted by Carissa Lough on

Thank you to Chloe Chiles from Embracing the Tree, for her review of Yaro Ivy Emerald. We loaned a size 6 Ivy Emerald wrap to Embracing the Tree for Chloe to try out. Chloe is a carrying consultant, and runs a sling library near Chesham. She has twins, so was able to put Ivy Emerald through its paces in both single and tandem carries!

Here's what Chloe had to say:

I was sad to say goodbye to this beauty today- I really thought this was a great wrap. It came to me having had one wash and no breaking in but was soft and a delight to wrap with. I enjoyed the colour, the pattern and texture. For a wrap that retails at under £50 for a size 6 this is truly a buy that you cannot go wrong with. ‪#‎wovenwrap‬  ‪#‎yarowrap‬  ‪#‎koalaslings‬ ‪#‎beautifulwrap‬‪#‎barginwovenwrap‬ #embracingthetree

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