Twins? Check out the MiniMonkey Twin Carrier!

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Having two new babies to care for can be very tiring, and often leaves you wondering how on earth you will get through the day when you only have one pair of arms! Both the MiniMonkey Twin Carrier and the TwinGo Carrier have been designed to help families with twins to care for two babies, while keeping your hands free to look after older children or even just eat lunch.

Buy your MiniMonkey Twin Carrier from the UK's twin carrying experts.

The MiniMonkey Twin Carrier enables you to carry two babies on your front, and slightly off to the side on your hips. The MiniMonkey Twin Carrier is an ergonomically designed carrier, which means that it carries your babies in an optimal position for healthy hip development. This position is also comfortable for your babies, and brings their weight in close to you - making it more comfortable for you as well!

We think the MiniMonkey Twin is a fantastic introduction to carrying two babies for families with twins or multiples. Once your babies are around 5-6 months old, you'll want to keep on carrying them and the TwinGo Carrier is then perfect for distributing babies' weight onto your front and your back.

MiniMonkey Twin Carrier

TwinGo Carrier

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