Kendal and Lake District Sling Library is now doing postal hires

Posted by Carissa Lough on

The Kendal and Lake District Sling Library is the non-profit part of Koala Slings. Even though it's quite a new sling library, I've had quite a bit of interest recently from families in other parts of Cumbria and the North West. So I'm now doing postal hires, as not everyone lives close to a sling library to hire in-person.

Postal hires work in a very similar way to in-person hires. You contact me at or through our contact form, explaining what you'd like to hire and the dates you're thinking of. I'll send you a link to the terms and conditions, and send you a hire form to fill in, along with payment and refundable deposit details. Once you've emailed the form back, sent your payment through, I post your hire sling out to you - easy!

The hire sling include a TwinGo Carrier - designed to carry twins or two children of similar ages, either as two separate carriers or one tandem carrier. The TwinGo is genius for anyone wanting to tandem carry - so quick and comfortable. If you'd like to hire this twin baby carrier to try it out, please contact me to arrange it.

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