Daiesu Ring Slings


  • £49.95

Daiesu Babywearing is a new woven wrap brand from Malaysia. The wraps are designed by Daiesu in Malaysia, and woven in India, using only quality organic cotton (GOTS certified) and materials that are safe for your baby. 

Daiesu is a small, family-run business, with mum, dad, and their little boy all doing their part to encourage families to carry their babies. 

We love how soft and floppy Daiesu ring slings are from new! These jacquard slings will continue to be even softer after regular washing and wearing. We've tested them out, and they're cushy on the shoulders and supportive for older babies as well! The patterns are fabulous, and there's a range of colours too. Each ring sling comes in its own canvas tote bag - super handy for storing your wrap, or for using to store nappies or take shopping.

The fabric for these baby slings is woven and finished in India. Production is also with a family-run business, with lots of care and quality checking at each stage of the weaving and production process.

Octagram is inspired by heritage handwoven textile that is traditional to Malaysia and Indonesia. Songket is exquisite textile art woven with nature and floral element using mostly gold and silver threads, and one of known floral pattern made is Bunga Bintang Pecah Lapan (literally: Flower of Eight-pointed Stars) which Daiesu have fondly rendered into Octagram design.

Octagram is 100% Organic cotton woven on a white warp, with varying weft colours. Daiesu jacquard  ring slings are soft out of the bag and will continue to be softer after regular washing and wearing. They have been tested to be cushy on shoulders and supportive for bigger babies.

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