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I am so proud to bring the wonderful Aroha Textiles woven wraps to all our customers. Aroha Textiles is a work-at-home-mum business in Aoteoroa (New Zealand). Like us, Aroha Textiles wants to bring the beauty and comfort of woven wraps to families around the world.

Woven wraps are both comfortable and convenient for carrying your baby in. They're amazing for getting out and about, and equally helpful for getting things done around the house! Your woven wrap can last you from your newborn baby's first days, though to the running, bouncing energy of a toddler.

This modern, stylish Aroha Textiles design is Walters Mirimar and is the perfect complement to our other Aroha design, Ngaru Nui. Walters Miramar is Aroha Textiles' acknowledgement of the iconic work of New Zealand artist Gordon Walters. His career fused the geometric abstractions of Modernism, and referenced traditional Maori motifs. Walters produced original paintings of universal appeal, while uniquely representing New Zealand.


Aroha Textiles have used 100% cotton to weave their Walters Miramar baby wraps. Walters Miramar is dense and smooth. After some use and some love, it'll become soft and moldable. Even with a rushed, sloppy wrap job (because we all do them sometimes!), this will have little to no shift. It holds up in both single layer carries and multi layer carries and is ideal for toddlers. With a little work, this woven wrap will break in fairly easily and be blankety enough for smaller babies too.

For wrapping your baby with, Ngaru Nui feels smooth, sleek, and smoothy. This woven wrap feels thin in hand, but has been densely woven for that wonderful cush on your shoulders. Lots of support, along with softness, stretch, and a lovely drape. Ngaru Nui woven wraps are well-suited for all levels of experience, and are wonderful for carrying little babies up to toddlers and bigger kids.

Walters Mirimar, made by Aroha Textiles, a New Zealand woven wrap company.

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