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Welcome to the first of our guest blogs! Colleen van Dyk from Little Bears' Babywearing has reviewed a Soul double layer linen ring sling and is sharing it here.

Carrier Details:
Cashew (grey and pale brown), 100% linen double layer ring sling by Soul Slings.

For the last few months I've noticed Soul Slings being mentioned all over online babywearing groups. And with these mentions, rave reviews. Having never tried one before, I knew I needed to jump on the bandwagon. (Fear of Missing Out creeps up on me occasionally!).

Luckily for me, Koala Slings offered me a travelling ring sling to test drive.

Before I start the actual review, here’s a tiny bit of background on Soul Slings...
Soul Slings are ethically produced in India. They’re a family run company who pride themselves on creating affordable, eco-friendly, safe carriers which are adored globally. Koala Slings, also a family run company and based in the Lake District in England, are Soul's UK stockist.


I’ve got to be honest, when the ring sling first arrived, I was unsure. Two things I'm not usually a fan of when picking my own carriers are, plain colours and linen. And guess what? I was sent a plain, linen ring sling! I will admit though that I adore ring slings, as does LogiBear (he loves the 360 view he gets in them), so, I was more then happy to give it a try.

These days, most of our carrying is done on the school run. So, the very next morning, LogiBear and I put the Soul double layer ring sling to the test.

At first feel I found it a little hard. All my other ring slings are cotton or hemp and I know that linen can be quite solid at first. But linen has a great way of softening up - all it needs is a little encouragement (wash, iron, wear) to get it started.

The Soul double linen ring slings are recommended from birth up to 15kg. LogiBear is 2 years old and weighs around 12kg. He felt beautifully supported in the Soul - the linen providing a sturdy carry for his size and weight. Yet, it didn't feel thick or chunky and moved through the rings with ease. And I felt no strain on my back or shoulder. He can be quite wiggly, but even with his usual wiggling around, it held nicely.

I've heard people refer to their "workhorse" carrier ,and I can imagine this being one of them. The type you would keep handy in your car or bag so it would always be on reach if you needed - regardless of whether you wanted to carrry a newborn or a wiggly toddler. The type you own for years and use for all sorts of occasions.

It’s snug and warm in the cold and thanks to the breathable linen, perfect for warmer climates (just what you need for your next summer holiday!) And priced at £57.95, I think they make a pretty awesome baby shower gift too!

Linen has grown on me now, especially after feeling how well it holds bigger kids and, though I still love a patterned wrap, the shine of the grey in this ring sling is very pretty and elegant. Simple yet effective.

My verdict? They're a comfortable, affordable ring sling option.

If you're in London, Colleen is available for one-to-one consultations and workshops. Her facebook page and website are:


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