Carrying your baby in a sling in warm weather

Posted by Carissa Lough on

The sun's out in the Lake District! And it's pretty warm, and forecast to stay like this for a few days! Carrying another warm body next to yours is the best feeling in the world, but it can start to feel hot when the temperature's high. To help you and your baby keep cool, I've put together a list of top tips for carrying your baby in a sling on warm sunny days:

* dress your baby in a thin cotton vest, or just a nappy
* dress yourself in lightweight clothing
* try to stay in the shade in the hottest part of the day
* pop a hat on your baby's head
* breastfed babies may want to feed much more often - breastmilk is about fluids as well as food
* offer water frequently to bottle fed babies

* a damp muslin between you and your baby can help keep you both cool

* carrying an umbrella (because you have your hands free, after all!) can provide shade and respite from the sun 

Some carriers are designed to allow airflow around you and your baby, like the Moby Aria or the Beco Toddler Cool Carrier which both have a mesh panel. Others, like Soul ring slings , are a single layer of fabric and made from lightweight natural fibres like cotton or linen. Your local sling library can help you learn to use a ring sling, or offer other suggestions for summer carrying.

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  • Great advice! I carried my niece in a stretchy wrap yesterday and we were both a little too warm and sweaty when I took it off. She probably should have been naked underneath it!

    Caroline Thompson on

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