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Yaro Woven Wraps - Yolka toddler weave - SALE

Yaro Slings

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Yaro Slings woven wraps are simple yet striking, vibrant colours, and at an affordable price! Yaro Slings are based in the Netherlands, and all their slings are made in the EU.

This version of Yolka is 100% cotton, with a dense weave at 295 gr/m2. It is less susceptible to pulls than the usual Yaro Yolka wraps. Yolka toddler weave is more supportive for toddlers than the regular Yolka wraps, and it's less soft. The denser weave has given the herringbone weave less stretch, but you can still comfortably tie your choice of carry with it.

As with any woven wrap, washing and use will soften your new Yaro Yolka wrap even more.

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