Yaro Ring Slings - hemp

Yaro Slings

  • £56.95

Yaro Slings are based in the Netherlands and their baby slings are made in the EU. Their hemp blend ring slings are made from woven wrap fabric, using a Jacquard weave. The fabric is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% hemp. Simple, striking designs and rich colours mean that Yaro ring slings are beautiful to look at as well as to use!
Ring slings are quick, and easy to use once you've had a few practices. They're suitable from newborn to toddlers, and are especially handy for toddlers who want to walk, then be up, then down, then up again!
These hemp blend ring slings are made from a medium weight wrap, with a weave density of 230g/m2.

The hemp adds extra strength to the wrap, without adding extra weight or bulk to the fabric. Hemp ring slings are particularly suitable for toddlers because of the additional support they offer. Hemp is a natural fibre that helps to keep you and baby warmer in winter, and can be lovely and cool in summer too.
After a few washes and uses, Yaro hemp slings are still soft enough to use with young babies. As with any woven wrap, washing and use will soften your new Yaro ring sling even more. You can use a warm iron with your hemp ring sling, and the heat will help to soften the fibres further.

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