TwinGo Carrier Customised Limited Edition Sleep Hood


  • £15.95

Love your TwinGo Carrier but wish it came with more colour options? Why not customise your TwinGo Carrier with a pair of our limited edition sleep hoods? In pretty prints or fun prints, there's no need to be boring or plain.

Your TwinGo Carrier comes with a sleep hood attached to each of the base and the attachment carriers. These are simple to remove and replace with a pair of our patterned sleep hoods. These are made from 100% cotton, and made with baby safe dyes and fabrics. The inner is 100% organic cotton, and you can attach the hood to have the pattern facing in when the hood is up or when it's down.

Each hood has a pattern on one side, and plain black 100% organic cotton on the other side.

Our TwinGo custom hoods are limited editions, so you're unlikely to see another TwinGo with the same print! We sell our TwinGo hoods in pairs.

Made in Europe, in partnership with KahuBaby.

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