Buckle Carriers

At Koala Slings we love how quick and easy it is to learn to use a buckle carrier, also called soft structured carriers (SSCs). They have a waist band, and looped shoulder straps - a bit like a backpack, but without the frame. You can carry your baby on your front or on your back, and many buckled carriers have the option for a hip carry too. We've chosen our range of buckle carriers for their high standards of safety and comfort. And we think they're pretty stylish too!

Buckle carriers are usually ideal for babies from 4 months, although some brands have infant inserts and can be used from a younger age. Toddler carriers are becoming more and more popular - even energetic toddlers need a carry from time to time!

All our carriers are designed to carry your baby upright, in an ergonomically optimum position.

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