Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Baby Carrier - SALE

Lenny Lamb

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We've popped some of our favourite Lenny Lamb baby carriers  into our sale corner!

The Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a soft structured carrier made from 100% cotton wrap fabric. The wrap fabric means that the Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Baby Carrier is very very soft, but still very supportive to carry your child in.

Your Lenny Lamb Baby Carrier is ergonomically designed for both wearer and baby. The shoulder straps are well padded, as is the wide waistband. Although the waistband is wide and padded, it's soft and flexible, making it very comfortable for a wide range of adults. The wide base of the carrier itself ensures that your baby is positioned safely and comfortably, whether you carry him on your front or your back.

Baby size is generally suitable from approximately 4 months up to around 18 months, depending on the size of your baby. It's suitable from 6kg up to a maximum weight of 20kg. The main panel is 16"/40cm high and 13"/35cm wide (measured at base of panel).

Lenny Lamb Baby Carriers come in both standard (baby) size and toddler size. If your child is over 18 months, you may wish to consider one of our Lenny Lamb toddler carriers.

Additional features of your Lenny Lamb Baby Carrier:

You can cross the shoulders straps over your back when front carrying your child.

Safety buckles on the waist.

There's legs-out padding for baby's comfort.

A soft, snuggly sleep hood. This attaches to loops on the shoulder straps.

Please note that the "Colours of ..." fabrics are a looser weave and are therefore more prone to snags/pulls than some other weaves. They're still strong and supportive, you may just need to take a little extra care when washing.

Lenny Lamb carriers are made by a family-owned company in Poland. 

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