Tula Infant Insert


  • £26.95

The Tula Infant Insert enables you to get a cozy fit with your Tula baby carrier for very young babies. You can use it with babies from 8 lbs. The infant insert should be used with your Tula carrier until your baby is at least 15 pounds, and big enough to be worn in the Tula baby carrier with both legs moving freely at the knee in the M-position.

We do not recommend the use of any other method of modifying a Tula baby carrier for an infant.

The Tula Infant Insert has three pieces which should be used together at first, but which you can use independently as well when needed.

The Tula Infant Insert should only be used with the Tula baby size/standard carrier, and is not suitable for use with the Tula Toddler Carrier.

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