Soul Jacquard Woven Wrap

Soul Slings

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We love Soul woven wraps! They're stylish, light and comfortable woven wraps that are affordable too.  Soul wraps are an ideal first choice, or an extra addition to your baby slings and wraps if you have a collection. Or a perfect gift for a friend with a new baby!

Soul slings are a parenting accessory for all parents! Soul baby slings are fully adjustable, and you can use them for front carries, hip carries, and back carries. These stylish woven baby slings can be used to wear your baby from birth onwards till your baby is 25 kilos!

Soul woven wraps are long, rectangular lengths of fabric that are wrapped around a baby and its caregiver. They promote skin-to- skin contact, help parents (and other close family members) bond with the baby and are perfect from birth to the toddler years. They provide you infinite carry possibilities and offer perfect support for your child as well as you. A gently loved wrap will last you more than one child.

We like that Soul woven wraps are made with 100% natural cotton fabric, which is breathable and naturally anti-bacterial. It wicks moisture away from your baby and is a wonderful cool fabric for warm weather, or for those parents who like to stay cool. They are light, and easy to adjust. In spite of being not too thick, Soul Slings cotton ring slings are durable and strong.

Fibre: 100% jacquard woven cotton
GSM: 280 g/m2
Weight recommendation: up to 25 kg (55 lb) approx

Sizing: (All sizings listed here are pre-wash)

Size 5 – 169 inches (4.3 metres) long and 29 inches wide

Size 6 – 187 inches (4.75 metres) long and 29 inches wide

Size 7 – 216 inches (5.5 metres) long and 29 inches wide

Thicker, softer and more textured than before, the new Soul jacquard wraps comfortably support big toddlers as easily as they cushion tiny babies. The weave is tighter, making them sturdy yet surprisingly airy fabrics – cool enough even for summer babywearing. These wraps feel surprisingly thin in hand and are very easy to wrap with. They are amazingly soft right out of the box and need no breaking in! Being 100% cotton, Soul woven wraps are very easy to look after too.

Soul jacquards are woven in an ethical and environment-friendly mill from Southern India, which uses only wind and solar energy to run their entire factory. They are a completely green manufacturing unit. After using the energy they need, they have surplus to send back into the grid. Only the best quality baby-safe dyes are used and no child labour is involved at any stage. Soul uses fair-trade principles during their production, at the Soul studios and for the Soul weavers. Soul jacquard wraps are finished and converted into carriers and accessories in-house at the Soul factory based in Bangalore, India.

* Please wash your Soul jacquard wrap once before use. This removes the dust from the weaving process  and it "sets" the fibres. Wash it separately for the first few washes as the colour might bleed a little.
* Sizes are approximations and may vary very slightly from measurementsgiven.
* Soul fabrics may show colour variations, loose threads, tiny slubs, snags or unevenness that are characteristic of natural fibre textiles. These variations should in no way be considered flaws or defects as they do not affect the functionality of the carrier. It is the nature of the fabric, and these imperfections highlight its natural beauty and uniqueness.
* All images in this website are for representation purposes only. Please be aware that the final product in hand may have slight variations in colour and texture when compared to the product photos in this listing.

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