SnugiWraps Stretchy Wrap


  • £27.95

SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps are an ideal baby carrier for newborns and for parents who are new to carrying their baby in a sling. They are simple to use with a little practice. The fabric is wonderfully soft and supportive.

Made from 95% Cotton Viscose and 5% Lycra, SnugiWraps stretchy wraps have the perfect amount of two-way stretch to carry your baby from birth until 4-6 months. Two-way stretch enables you to pre-tie the wrap on, nice and snug, then pop baby in and out when needed. It gives a perfect fit every time, with no need for constant adjustments.

SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps are 5 metres long and 50cm wide. They are unhemmed to ensure a comfortable fit for baby, with no baggy areas.

Best of all, SnugiWraps stretchy wraps are made in Norfolk, England!

SnugiWraps stretchy wraps have been tested to BSEN13209 and passed all tested clauses.

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