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What's not to love about the awesome Liliputi 4-in-1 coat! Comfortable and stylish to wear, with or without your baby. It comes with a babywearing insert for front and back carries, and you can use it during pregnancy too.

We've tried the Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat ourselves, and our customers locally have too. Lots of positive feedback and Liliputi love! You can wear this coat without a baby or with the babywearing insert for front and back carries. It works well as a maternity coat too.

Comfortable, stylish, warm, showerproof and durable - what more do you need in a babywearing coat? The Liliputi 4-in-1 comes in a sleek design, that's sporty and elegant. It looks great for all occasions, and the soft grey with turquoise colours are divine.

Key Features

  • 4-in-1 Babywearing and Maternity Coat
  • Super-versatile coat: can be worn with baby or during pregnancy, or even without baby
  • Insert included
  • SoftShell outer fabric: water resistant, windproof & breathable
  • Warm MicroPolar lining to protect from cold
  • Adjustable and removable hood
  • Opens under armpits for easy dressing while back carry
  • Two outside pockets and thermo lining to keep your hands toasty warm
  • Special hidden pocket inside for valuables, two additional zipper-sealed pockets for storage
  • Unique designs
  • Three times award winner
  • 100% made in the EU


We've found that these size up small. The Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat is a slim-fitting coat. Size L is similar to a small UK 12 or a large UK 10. Size M will fit you if you're a size UK 8/10.

Benefits of SoftShell

SoftShell is a special fabric, normally used to manufacture professional outdoor coats. Softshell is a unique fabric, and its characteristics mean it's water-resistant yet breathable. Softshell is also particularly windproof so that you and your baby will be cosy warm! Its further specialties include flexibility which provides easy movement when worn. These features of SoftShell guarantee that Liliputi Baby Carrying Coats offer the ideal solution for those mamas who would like to carry their babies comfortably in the great outdoors during the colder months. 

Focusing on Carrying

Liliputi Mama 4-in1 Coats include a whole lot of uniqe features! You can easily take your coat on and off, with help from the zips under the arms. Your baby will already be in your carrier (check the KahuBaby if you're looking for a comfortable carrier! and you just pop your Liliputi coat over the top. The bottom of the coat includes an elastic cord which can be adjusted to the required width to always keep baby's little legs warm. The baby insert offers solutions for both front and back carries which is easily attached with the easy-glide zippers. Little adjustments can be made with buttons and cords. Two pockets with thermo lining keep hands keeping mom extra warm.


And So Pretty! 

Babywearing knowledge and design creativity contribute to the functionality and whimsical appearance of the Liliputi coat. Made in Hungary, many talented local designers colloaborated to develop this lovely coat! 

What About the Quality?

We know that The Liliputi® Babywearing & Mama Coat has a higher price tag than other items on the market. There is reason enough for this! Only the highest quality materials are used, with no compromise! The highest standards throughout the entire manufacturing are followed. Furthermore, the entire manufacturing process is kept local, in Hungarian shops. With a Liliputi coat, one can be assured of top quality! 

Award Winning Design

The Liliputi® Mama Coat is an award-winning design! In 2015, the Green Scene and Family Choice Awards chose it as a category winner. In 2016, the Liliputi Mama Coat was awarded with a Golden Medal from the Mom's Choice Awards.

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