Fidella Ring Slings SALE


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We love these Fidella ring slings, they're wide and so soft straight out of the bag. All Fidella slings are woven with 80 cm extra wide and therefore very suitable for carrying toddlers, and equally wonderful for young babies too. The soft, study fabric also adds to the support for heavy babies and older children. Fidella wraps are thin to medium thickness, so they're not too bulky or thick for newborn babies.

Fidella ring slings are a jacquard weave, made from 100% organic cotton. The weave is very smooth, which makes the fabric easy to use and the fabric glides effortlessly through the rings.

The edges of all Fidella baby ring slings are sewn in different colours. This helps to distinguish the top edge from the bottom edge, making it simpler to learn to use and to follow the rails for tightening.

Fidella is a German brand, with their wraps and ring slings being produced in Turkey.

One thing we really like about Fidella slings and carriers are the funky designs and colours! The "Rock n Rolla" designs are modern and appeal to dads (and granddads!) as well as mums. The Paisley and Iced Butterfly patterns are elegant and classy.

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