BundleBean Light Weight Raincover

Bundle Bean

  • £29.50

We live in the Lake District, where it rains 200 days a year! If you have the school run to do, or need to walk places with baby in the rain, or have the dog to talk or want to head out with your baby in a carrier- but you want keep baby warm and dry - the Bundle Bean for Light Weight Raincover is the answer to your wet weather problems!

BundleBean Light Weight Raincover is a waterproof sling cover specially designed to go over your baby while  in a sling or baby carrier! It works with bucked carriers, mei tai, wraps, or any sort of baby sling. It is made of soft waterproof fabric. Dry! It fits comfortably over all ages from baby to toddler. You can use it for front, hip, or back carries.

Best of all, the BundleBean Light Weight Raincover packs down super small! You can easily fit it into your change bag, your own coat pocket, handbag, or clip it onto the handle of your buggy. It works great as an emergency clean, dry spot to sit down too, if you need to stop off somewhere to feed or change your baby.

This fun and functional cover has four elastic and Velcro straps that attach this cover securely to keep your little one dry whenever you choose to carry your child in a sling. It comes with a removable hood, giving top to toe protection from the elements. It comes in its own neat stuff-sac for compact storage.

You can even use your Bundle Bean for Babywearing as a dry cover over your child in their pram.

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