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Nova Classic Meh Dai

Nova Baby Carriers

  • £46.95

We love the Nova Classic Meh Dai for its simplicity and affordability. Nova Classic Meh Dai is a very simple but effective design. It's a rectangular body panel with four long straps - one at each corner. You tie the straps around you and your baby in a variety of ways. The standard size is suitable for babies 4 months - 2 years old, to a maximum of 15kg.

The top straps on the Classic Meh Dai are 80″ long and 4″ wide. They're padded where they meet the body panel. The waist straps are 35″ long, 4″ wide, and padded where they meet the body panel.

The body panel is made from 100% cotton. All straps are made from black cotton twill as standard.

Nova is a small family-run company, based in Norfolk, England. All Nova baby and toddler carriers are manufactured in the UK.