Fidella Fly Tai - new size


  • £92.95
  • Save £6.00

We think the Fidella Fly Tai is just fabulous! The new size Fly Tai is a wonderfully adjustable mei tai that will fit from 3 months up through to toddlers (up to 33lb). These mei tai are made from 100% organic cotton Fidella woven wraps. This means that the Fly Tai is just as beautifully soft as the wraps are. You get the feel of a woven wrap, with shoulder straps and a tie waist, but the simplicity of a mei tai!

The shoulder straps have padding at the shoulder and have great width that allow you to position them comfortably for long-wearing comfort for you, and added support for your little one.

Fidella has thought of everything - the first time you take your Fidella Fly Tai off, you'll notice that the end of the waist and shoulder straps have different shaped ends so you know which one you are untying! The waist straps are rounded, while the shoulder straps are pointed.

  • Back panel width: 4.3" - 15.75"
  • Back panel height: 9.4" - 18.9"
  • Fits from 3 months old to 33 pounds
  • Waist strap is 75 inches long
  • Shoulder straps are 78.5 inches long
  • Spot wash or hand wash (don't worry - a quick soak in Eucalan and hang dry!)

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