Mei Tai/Meh Dai

The modern Meh Dai (or Mei Tai) is based on the traditional Chinese method of babywearing. Its elegant, simple and safe design has stood the test of time. The mei tai is a square or rectangular piece of cloth, with a strap at each corner. At the bottom of the fabric panel are the two waist straps, and you use the top two straps over your shoulders.

Today's mei tai come in a range of fabrics, patterns and colours. Koala Slings stocks mei tai from Hoppediz, Soul, Fidella, SnugiWraps, and Liliputi in a range of stylish patterns and vibrant colours. A mei tai enables you to carry your baby on the front, back or hip. Its advantage is that you can tie for for a custom fit, and you can easily swap between caregivers without lots of adjustments.

SnugiWraps mei tai are made in Norfolk, in England, and are a very affordable option for many families.

Hoppediz Hop-Tyes are a type of mei tai, with wrap straps and an adjustable base - we love how versatile and soft they are.

Liliputi mei tai are from Hungary, available in fashionable patterns and colours.

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