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The Kibi Carrier is possibly the most adjustable buckled carrier (or soft structured carrier, SSC) that you'll find anywhere. The Kibi Carrier is an innovative design, that works for carrying babies from about 4 months, right up to children of 4 years old or more. 4 months up to 4 years - yes, you read that correctly!

Like all buckled baby carriers, the Kibi Carrier has a waistband with a buckle, and two shoulder straps. The main panel of the Kibi Carrier is awesomely adjustable. You can easily lower and raise the panel height to the right height for your child. You can also easily adjust the width of the main panel - narrower for younger babies, and full width for toddlers, with lots of changes in between.

Your wonderfully adjustable Kibi Carrier is great for crossed shoulder straps, or you can use it with straps set in a rucksack style.
The Kibi Carrier is perfect for front carries and for back carries.
Your Kibi Carrier comes with a hood that's ideal for putting up over sleepy little heads, or to offer a bit of shade.

The technical stuff:

  • Safety tested to a maximum 20kg (44lb)
  • The waist belt goes to a minimum of 62cm and a maximum of 140cm.
  • Lowest main panel height is 34cm, and highest is 52cm
  • Smallest width for the main panel is 34cm, and the widest is 51cm

Your Kibi Carrier is designed and made in the Czech Republic.

The base carrier cloth as well as the designer cloth are 100% cotton. All materials have been tested in an accredited laboratory and meet the strict requirements of the Czech regulation 84/2001 SB.

The Kibi Carrier has been tested under the European standard for baby carriers EN 13209-2:2005

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